You all pretty much know by now that my little family is multicultural. Javier is from Veracruz, Mexico and I am from the Midwestern portion of the United States. Like many high school students, I took Spanish as my foreign language. I took to it right away and it has always come naturally to me. It was probably just destiny that I learn the language of my future main squeeze. God knew the man that He had in store for me was Javier. I took Spanish all through college and thought (and still think about) pursuing a masters in Spanish language. I have come to love telenovelas. Their cheesy romance is a staple of the Latino culture. Yes, they are corny; yes, they can be ridiculously silly. But I love that about them. It started with Por Ella Soy Eva then I found Marido en Alquiler. I have watched a bunch of them. I have recently found a new one that is in English. It is airing on the CW and I think that it is adorable. So get ready for some super cheesy blogging today, because I’m going to tell you the plot and then you guys should go home and watch it! (its in English so no excuses!)

Jane Villanueva is a 23 year old student teacher who, at the advice of her grandmother, has decided to preserve her virginity until marriage. Jane has a boyfriend, Michael, who is understanding of Jane’s wish to wait. Jane goes to a Gyno appointment for a routine PAP and accidentally gets inseminated instead. The doctor had walked in on her lover in bed with someone else the night before and was a little out of it, to say the least. The sperm was actually from Jane’s boss, Rafael, a hotel owner who previously had prostate cancer and only had one sample of sperm preserved for later use. In a hurry to resolve marital problems and avoid divorce before the prenuptial agreement would allow her to have her “fair share” Rafael’s wife, Petra, decided to thaw the sample and attempt to impregnate herself in an effort to give Rafael a reason to stay with her. It gets better. Jane’s gynecologist is also Rafael’s sister and if Jane sues, the doctor will loose her share of the hotel, causing Rafael to lose the hotel also. Jane is faced with the decision to have the baby and whether or not to give it to the father or keep it for herself.

That’s just the first episode! There is so much more to it and I really am getting into it. So go home and watch it, guys! I know it sounds cheesy (it is) but it has a cute storyline behind all of the mess. I am on episode 6 and it just took a huge turn. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic who likes to live vicariously through telenovela characters!

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