My Main Squeeze

I am so fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive man by my side through all of our trials. So today, I am going to brag a bit about how awesome he is!

I am not a very patient person. I have a to-do list and I have to accomplish everything on it. Ever heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day,”? Well you can be sure that if I was in charge, I would’ve tried my darnedest to get it done in a day. That’s probably why its so hard for me to accept that our rainbow baby will come in due time. I am impatient and, believe it or not, I have my daddy’s temper. I can get pretty angry pretty quick if you push the wrong buttons. I don’t like that about myself, but its who I am.

Javier, on the other hand, is my opposite (and you know what they say, opposites attract). He could care less when things happen, he is very patient and almost carefree (which, to be honest, sometimes annoys me). He is calm when I am upset. Even when I am angry with him, he doesn’t get into a shouting match with me, he just does what he forgot I asked him to do and apologizes (happy wife, happy life kinda guy, I can’t really complain). When I get impatient, he helps me realize that it doesn’t have to happen today. When I get stressed, his laid-back attitude gives me peace. He suggests doing things to take my mind off of whatever is stressing me out. He bends over backwards for me; I am kind of bossy, and he happily obliges most of the time. He is just so calm in nature and its definitely something that I need more of. When I don’t feel well, he lets me lay in bed while he takes care of Sylas and fixes dinner. When my sciatic nerve is acting up, he gives me back massages. When I worry that we may never have another baby, he cuddles me on the couch and lets me cry it out.  He’s just awesome in so many ways; he is everything that I need and more. It takes a tough guy to put up with some of my emotions. We have been through a lot of downs and he is always by my side. Not many couples can go through what we TTCers have gone through and still stick together and be stronger than ever. So go home today and thank your man for being so supportive of your baby ambitions.

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