Another One Bites The Dust

I did a beta on Friday and it came back as zero so I didn’t take my progesterone that day. AF came on Sunday which is a day earlier than I thought it would be but that’s ok. At my appointment yesterday My doctor talked about my lab results from the glucose tolerance test and told me that I’m a textbook example of insulin resistance. So he started me on metformin yesterday to take at bedtime. So far I can’t tell if its helping. It makes my stomach hurt and after I ate today it got worse. This is the first cycle in a long time that we TTC’d and didn’t get pregnant. It was a little reassuring that I wasn’t going to have another chemical pregnancy but it did worry me a little that maybe the progesterone somehow messed my cycle up. The doctor didn’t think so but he told me to go ahead and start the progesterone two days after O. I also asked him about how long I should take the progesterone after BFP and he said at least until 12 weeks to make sure that the placenta is good and ready to take over. I am hopefully optimistic. Let the waiting game begin!

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