‘Till The Fat Lady Sings

They say the show isn’t over until the fat lady sings, but I have a feeling her solo is coming up. I tested at 10 and 12 DPO (Wednesday and today) and got two very BFNs. Normally I start getting BFPs at 10 DPO but it seems like there’s none in sight. I have 2 1/2 days till AF and I think I’m out. I just find it hard to believe. We BD on all the right days and I ovulated on time and did progesterone but it’s still negative. My doctor had to reschedule me for Monday because he went home sick. Of course that is also AF day. I am really tempted to call and ask for a blood draw just to see. That way, if it’s negative, I can stop taking the progesterone and let her come and get it over with. I might just do it anyway because I don’t know how long it takes for AF to come after stopping progesterone. I don’t want to have a week or more to tack on to an already impossibly long wait! If I do, I’ll post an update.


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