Dreaming in Double

I have contemplated writing this post just because I don’t want to come across as one of those TTC-ers that over-analyzes everything. But a few things have happened this past week that its just hard to believe that its a coincidence. So no judging as you read this, okay?

From the title of this post, some of you may already get the drift. Last week, I prayed that God would show me a sign that this pregnancy would be fruitful and not end in miscarriage. It took Him a few days to answer me, but since that first dream, He hasn’t stopped. I had a dream that I was cracking eggs in the kitchen and the first one I cracked had a double yolk. I don’t care too much for eggs and I have never dreamt of them before. It gets weirder. That morning, I woke up and checked my Timehop app (you know, the one that shows you things that you posted in the past years on social media). To my amazement, there was this photo that I had taken exactly one year before of a double-yolked egg that I had cracked open. The next day, I was shopping on amazon for those little Willow Tree family figurines and came across these ones. Yup, two little babies. Last night, I dreamt that I was at a hospital awaiting ultrasound results and went up to the frond desk and saw the doctor looking at mine on the computer and he joyfully said that I was pregnant with twins. I started shouting “I knew it!” and broke into tears. Then today I was browsing yahoo’s news page to catch up on happenings and came across this article of these adorable twins giggling and chatting with each other from their cribs.

I just really feel like God is answering my prayer. It has given me a boost of confidence about this cycle and given me hope that this is the one. On the plus side, we could be getting two for the price of one 😉

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