Halfway There

Today I am 7 DPO marking the halfway point of the TWW. This morning I had some faint cramps that I think could be implantation cramps. It happens every cycle around 6-7 DPO and that’s when implantation supposedly occurs. I’m pretty confident that we got pregnant again; I just hope that the progesterone is working and will keep our little bean in there! My doctor told me to stop taking the progesterone when I get done with my blood draws but I have done some looking around and most people recommend taking it up until 12-16 weeks (once the placenta is established enough to produce enough progesterone by itself) and to wean off of it gradually, instead of cold turkey. I am going to bring this up at my appointment. It makes sense to me to keep taking it, especially because stopping it a few days after my missed period is basically replicating what my body has been doing naturally this whole time. Basically my ovary quits making progesterone in the late part of the luteal phase because the corpus luteum (cyst that the egg came out of) deteriorates too early. So I take the progesterone to make up for the corpus luteum dying. But if its already too far gone by the time I stop the supplements, there’s no chance that the pregnancy will last much longer once the progesterone flushes out of my system; which is pretty quickly from what I’ve read. Even missing one dose can be detrimental. My appointment is the 8th which is 5 days before AF. I’m not sure if the doctor will start betas then or if he will wait until I miss AF. I can usually test at 10 DPO (which will be the 8th) and get a good positive. Keep praying for us guys! I am so hoping that this is our good run and we won’t have to go through this again! I know that The Lord will help us persevere!

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