I Went A Little Crazy

So last weekend Sylas and I took a shopping trip and went to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies for wreath making…. except I found the Christmas aisle. If you know me, you know that Hobby Lobby is my most favorite store in the whole world! I love anything crafty and this store just so happens to be chocked full of stuff! Its probably a good thing that we don’t have one any closer to us or we would be broke! I know its only October (barely) but I decided that I would do a Christmas decor haul out of excitement!

IMG_5515 So I bought 5 of each color of these cute burlap bulbs. I’m really into burlap this year and I thought I would incorporate that into the tree.

IMG_5518 I bought 6 of these snowflakes. They are made to look like little twigs put together. I thought that they went well with the theme also.

IMG_5519 I actually bought these little guys at the dollar store. I saw them and thought they were adorable! So I bought 6 of them also.

IMG_5520 I got a handful of these….I don’t even know what to call them. But I got them because they remind me of snow.

IMG_5517 I only bought one of these just because it was cute (but pricey).

IMG_5521 I bought two rolls of this pretty burlap for a garland.

IMG_5516 And a matching tree topper!

IMG_5522 And Sylas picked this one out. I wasn’t going to get it because a) I don’t care for football and b) it didnt match; but he was going to make a scene if we left without it.

I am now awaiting Thanksgiving so that I can  get my tree set up and see it all put together!



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