Houston, We Have A Problem

I went to the doctor Monday (a different OB than I normally see) and he was very kind and understanding that I want to get things sorted out. So he suspects that I could have a couple of problems; one being an insulin resistance which could, in turn, cause the second problem, low progesterone in the luteal phase. He said that these are easy fixes and all I need to do is have a 3 hour glucose tolerance test done. Easy enough since I work in a lab and can do it at work. So I came in to work this morning to get my blood drawn and drink the glucola. Lo and behold, I failed the test. Which is exactly what the doctor suspected would happen. I also had timed insulin drawn with the glucose levels but those results won’t come in for a few days. So I am going to be put on a progesterone supplement the day after ovulation and continue taking it until I miss my period, at which time I will take a couple beta HCGs to see if the pregnancy is sustainable and then stop taking the progesterone. I think I will also be put on metformin which will help correct the insulin resistance. He told me that if this doesn’t help, he has a plan B for my next cycle. He wants to do progesterone blood tests at timed intervals in my luteal phase to make sure that my progesterone stays at a good level for pregnancy. And if that comes back inconclusive, he will refer me to an RE. Its scary that I failed the GTT because my results indicate prediabetes. My family doesn’t have a history of diabetes so I hope that is a good sign. I’m also at higher risk for gestational diabetes with this condition. On one hand, I’m glad that we have finally figured out a reason to the rhyme; but on the other hand, this isn’t exactly the most amazing news I’ve heard. I am really anxious for my next appointment on the 8th.

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