The Room That Waits

There is a room upstairs that, at first glance, is just filled with stuff to be stored away. You will see some miscellaneous knick-knacks, a bookshelf, a lamp, my old prom dresses tucked away in the closet; all of which would not spark the slightest hint that it once was a nursery in progress.

Flashback to March/April of this year. We had just found out we were pregnant with our rainbow baby after being reassured by the doctor that there was indeed a heartbeat. The relief was overwhelming, knowing that our pregnancy had made it past the 6 week mark. Out of excitement and anticipation, we began to clear out the spare room and slowly turn it into a nursery. On May 12, dreams turned to dust and our world was turned upside down once again as we were told that we gained another angel. The excitement and wonder that filled that room upstairs dissipated and the door sat closed for a couple months.

The first time I went into the room after the miscarriage was hard. It hurt to see all the potential lay there empty. But day by day, God has given me hope that someday soon, a baby will be in our future. It took me a while before I could walk into that room and find joy where it once was filled with sadness. Where all of the dreams of new life vanished now come back to life and I find hope. Its where I tuck away the things we buy for our rainbow baby. Its where I go when I feel like our day will never come and I pray for peace and perseverance. Its the room that is once again a nursery in progress.

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