The end is in sight!

The TWW is coming to an end this Saturday and because I am taking a leap of faith and am foregoing the early testing that I normally do, this is seemingly taking twice as long as it usually does! So in lieu of telling you about how I can’t tell if there’s a faint positive or an evap line, I am going to write about some “symptoms” that I’ve been experiencing (and make fun of myself for how ridiculous I am being).
I had mild cramps at 6&7 DPO. Coincidence? I think not! Especially because that is precisely the moment when implantation occurs.
I have been getting nauseous after taking my vitamins. I mean, come on guys, it’s so obvious!
I am fatigued easily. Just going upstairs leaves me slightly winded.
The skin on my face is dry and bumpy. I usually have pretty clear skin on my face but these past few days have been different. I think that’s a sign!
I woke up last night to some acid reflux. It could have been those tacos we had for dinner, but it’s probably because I’m pregnant.
My cat has been extra cuddly lately.
I have been extra thirsty too! I could drink all day long and still be thirsty!
So far those are my symptoms from this TWW. If you haven’t been following me for long, you don’t know that I have no problems getting pregnant, it’s the staying pregnant that seems to be difficult. And even though I was being silly about my symptoms, I very well could be pregnant. We have gotten prego every time we have tried and even though that is a good thing, it doesn’t make losing a baby any easier knowing we can try again next time. It’s that constant having to try again that wears on me. It’s been almost a year since we started trying for baby number two and I know many go even longer, but we have no diagnosis, no reason to the rhyme. We are just told to keep at it and someday it will happen. I put my faith in medicine for far too long and got nowhere. So now with lots of prayer and patience, I am leaving it up to God to help us through this awful game of trial and error. I hope to have some good news this weekend and so look forward to sharing it with you! Please be praying for us that this time around we have a sticky baby! As always I will continue to pray for you! TTYL


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