Its go time

I got a phone call from the geneticist’s office and got an appointment scheduled for August 25. I am so relieved that the wait is over!


In other news; I am not supposed to O until today but I had some cramping on Wednesday (Jul. 30) and they felt a lot like O cramps. So I decided to be safe and take an OPK. It looked positive to me. I took one the following day and it was a lot lighter. I also felt a little queasy and crampy Thursday which I could possibly attribute to a spike in progesterone. I was not expecting to get a positive two days early but hey, I’ll take it. Coincidentally we had already started to BD in the days leading up to my expected O day and we ended up BD on the surprise day too! So hopefully this cycle was a good one and we can get our BFP around the 13th of August. Send LOTS of baby dust our way and keep us in your prayers!! ttyl

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