Cake for breakfast!

It is my turn to make a cake this weekend at work for our “Sweet Sundays.” A co-worker and I take turns baking deserts and bring them in to share. So I made my lemon-poppy-seed bundt ( Recipe here) and decided that it was OK to have a slice for breakfast. I mean, its basically a giant muffin anyway right?

I am on the lookout for some kids crafts to do a tutorial for and have been pinteresting like crazy! There are so many neat ideas on there! I LOVE pinterest! Hopefully I can make up my mind and post something on here for it. My only issue is that Sylas isn’t quite old enough for some of the crafts that I have pinned. I need to find some toddler friendly ones. I’ve also been contemplating adding a page to the blog for my nail art. Its something that I have really gotten into and I enjoy it a lot. I thought about doing a haul to show you just how much nail stuff I have. We’ll see.

I am getting really excited for our cousin’s wedding coming up this August. We are planning on going up a couple days early to go see the zoo and have a mini vacay. I have all of our clothes picked out for the wedding and I must say that we are going to look pretty awesome! I need to go get my nails filled this week sometime so they look nice too! Just another thing to add to my never-ending-mom-to-do-list.

Speaking of to-do lists, our national Rudd reunion is this upcoming Saturday and I ordered some T-shirts for the event that are supposed to come in the mail tomorrow! I can’t wait to see how they turned out!

I hope everyone has an awesome week! ttyl!

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