Fighting an Uphill Battle

I went to my doctor appointment on Thursday last week and it didn’t go as planned. As soon as I parked at the doctors office, my pocket started vibrating but I decided to silence it because I really wanted to get to my appointment. I walked up to the front desk and the receptionist was on the phone so I waited back for a couple minutes. When she finished, she proceeded to tell me that the doctor just got called over to the hospital for a delivery and it would probably be a while. She asked if we could reschedule for the following Thursday instead. I said that was fine. She didn’t know how to do that in the computer, so she had to go find someone to help her. While she was gone, the lady that usually sits at that desk came in and said “Oh! I just tried calling you! Did you get my voice mail?” Turns out that was the phone call that I muted in the parking lot. She was calling to let me know not to come in. (Why she was calling me ten minutes till my appointment time when they tell you to come 15 minutes early I have no idea.) She ended up scheduling me for this Thursday at 9. I told her that I have been waiting for this appointment since May. She said that she was sorry, and I know nobody could have prevented that from happening but it never fails that it happens to me every time I go there, seriously, I have to wait close to an hour before every appointment. So I left really disappointed and upset that I have to wait another week for the news I have been needing to hear for two months! I will be so upset if this happens this week too. I can’t take any more of this waiting! I have waited long enough! I just pray that she has some good news for me. Sorry that I don’t have any more to share. I was hoping that I could be filling you in on what our future holds, but we will have to wait another week. ttyl

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