Test results!

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post this week, my time seriously got away from me! Monday the doctor called and said the testing was almost finished and they scheduled an appointment for Tuesday June 17. She also said that if the results weren’t back by then that they would just push my appointment back another week. So my doctors office called me again on Friday and told me that the karyotype results came back. She told me that there was some maternal contamination which basically means that some of my blood/tissue/DNA was in the sample that they sent. Because of that, the results can be skewed. The nurse said that there was a deletion on chromosome 15 (??) and that they needed to do some blood tests on me to make sure that it was testing positive on the baby and not me. So I got my blood drawn once again and they sent it to the testing center (not the lab where I work). I am beginning to think that I am going to ruin my poor veins with all this blood work! Someone is going to think I’m a drug addict! Anyway, she told me that she was going to cancel my appointment for this upcoming Tuesday because they don’t really have anything to talk about until my second test result comes back. They also told me that the baby was a girl, which was really hard to hear. I was really looking forward to having a little girl (not that I wouldn’t want another boy) so it was all the more heart breaking. I have heard though that if there is maternal contamination that the gender results will say girl because it is testing the mother and not the baby. So I’m not taking it to heart but it is nice to kind of know. Also, jumping back to the blood draw, I bled a lot afterward! I usually don’t even need a band aid but the gauze was pretty bloody this time and I needed to be bandaged. Its comforting to know that the baby aspirin is working but at the same time, its terrifying to know that I could bleed out if I were in a terrible accident (I know, how positive of me). I have been putting off going to see an RE mostly because the only one near us is two hours away and I want Javier to go but that means one of us would have to take off work and then I don’t want to take Sylas (he isn’t exactly a treasure when traveling). So I’m debating weather or not I should just do it or if I should wait. I want some solid answers before we try again but we want to try again after this cycle ends. I don’t know what to do.
I have been googling the chromosome 15 deletion but I can’t really find any solid info on why that would be the culprit of the miscarriages. If you guys come across something or know someone who has been in the same position, let me know! Any feedback/info would be much appreciated! ttyl!

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