Hey all! I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that I ovulated this past Monday so I am on my way to cycle number 2! It kind of took me by surprise but I am so glad that it finally happened. I am now going through the two week wait (for my period to start, not to test).
Now on to the reasoning behind the title of this post. I called the doctor’s office again on Tuesday, like they asked me to, and got to talk to someone that gave me a tone that sounded like she thought I was hounding them for my results. I was told to call them back, so it peeved me off that she just thought I was being annoying. Then she proceeded to tell me that they had not received them yet and that they would call me when they got them. It has now been almost 4 weeks (in two more days) and I am done waiting. Tuesday I am going to call the specialist to schedule an appointment weather they get my results back or not. I am done waiting around for them because I am to the point where I feel like I’ve been thrown for a loop. I haven’t spoken with my doctor directly but the lady at her office was very rude to me and that was the last straw. I hope that I can get somewhere with the RE. We are planning on trying after my period ends this month. I will probably not ovulate until early July. Hopefully I can get in to see someone before then. I want to be on lovenox next time and hope that they will do that for me. So far the baby aspirin is working well. I still get bruises in random places on my arms and legs so I take that as a sign that it is helping. I am just really frustrated that nobody has even offered to call the place that they sent the tissue to just to check and see how it was coming. I would call them myself if I knew where they sent it to. I have a feeling that something went wrong and I won’t get any results period. If ever I have to go through this again, I will opt out of the testing. It is ridiculous having to wait double the amount of time that I was told by the doctor. I understand a difference of a couple days. Maybe even a week because it was over a holiday weekend. But this is too much. Sorry I went off on a rant there. I will let you know if anything changes but I am definitely making an appointment with an RE this week. ttyl

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