TTC news

I have a teeny bit of TTC news. This week I called the doctors office to check and see where my karyotyping results are at. Turns out they aren’t back yet but they want me to call again Monday to make sure they are still on it? Um….ok. I guess I am responsible for calling them Monday and if they still aren’t in (it will have been 3 WEEKS) they will check into it. I plan on asking if I can go ahead and test for factor v leiden and a prothrombin mutation when I call them just to get it over with. I also want these results to hurry up and come back. If they come back normal, I want to see an RE and need to schedule an appointment before I start my next cycle and hopefully get some lovenox when we can try to get preggo.
I know this post is really short but thats all I have to tell you this week. I know, boring right? I should have more info next week after I have spoken to my doc about all of this testing business. I hope you all are doing well! ttyl!

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