Technical Difficulties

Monday was my follow up appointment and it went well. She said that everything looked good during surgery anatomically. She felt my stomach and asked about bleeding. Everything was getting back to normal. She told me to wait at least one cycle before trying again (even though we want to go 2). The karyotyping takes two weeks to get results back so I’m really anxious for those. Her nurse is supposed to call me when they come in. If they come back normal, she wanted to run more blood tests and if there is something abnormal, we will make a game plan from there. They gave me a little heart-shaped ornament for the Christmas tree that says “Precious angel, we will hold you in our hearts forever.” I proceeded to cry all the way home from my appointment.
Because this Monday is Memorial Day, and it is the two week mark of my D&C, I was a little disappointed that I probably won’t get a call about the karyotyping until later in the week. I am hoping that they call me as soon as possible. If everything comes back normal, I want to see what other tests she plans on running. Depending on that, I may make an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist to see if I can’t get someone else to look at my case.
This week I have been organizing my pictures on my terabite (external hard drive). I was looking for a certain picture and it took me forever to find it. I decided that it was about time to clean up my picture folders and get them in order. So I spent almost an entire day doing that. I have literally millions of pictures and videos so it was a very daunting task. And after all of that hard work, I went to take a picture of Sylas with my phone and it told me that my memory was full. So now I have to get those pictures off of there too!
I’m sorry I am so boring this week. I don’t have a whole lot to update on. Next week I may post pictures from our photo shoot(weather pending). We are all getting together (my mom, dad, two brothers, Javier, Sylas and I) to get a group picture done. We haven’t done it professionally ever and only have two pictures of all of us together (both from the last two Christmases). I hope it doesn’t rain when we get them done. This is the only day that we will be able to do it together until late June. Everyone’s work schedules are so different its hard to get us all together.
Anyway, I will let you all go for now. ttyl!

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