The past week

Wednesday we went in to my appointment and the doctor was at the hospital delivering a baby. We were there for about an hour before she came. The nurse had me get my blood drawn for my prenatal workup while we waited. The phlebotomist took 7 tubes of blood and I went back to my room. Finally the nurse moved us to the ultrasound room and the doctor put the probe on my stomach for an abdominal u/s. I knew it wasn’t going to be good news just looking at the size of the baby in comparison to how I remembered Sylas. She told me that she wanted to do a trans vaginal and left so that I could get undressed. When she got the probe situated, she looked around a little and said that the baby had died. She took a measurement and said it looked like it happened around 8 weeks 3 days. There was no movement and no heart beat. She told me that she wanted to get some more blood to re run some of my tests that she had done with the previous miscarriage plus a couple new ones. So the phlebotomist came back and took 9 more tubes. The doctor came back in and we went over the options for the miscarriage. She said that we could just wait it out and let it happen on its own but it could take weeks to months to happen. Second, I could take cytotec to force it to start happening but it could take a few days to weeks to complete. Third, I could schedule a D&C as soon as possible. She said that the first two options sometimes don’t completely get all of the tissue out and many women have to have a D&C anyway. Considering how painful my last miscarriage was, I opted to do the D&C. She wanted to do it the following day but I didn’t have anyone that could be with me that day so she scheduled it for Monday instead that way Javier can be with me. She told me that if it started to happen before Monday to call her office and let her know so that she could take a look and see if she thought we should still go through with the procedure. I want to just get it over with. I am starting to feel better emotionally, but it still hurts to think about. If my blood work comes back normal, then the only thing that could be happening is the MTHFR. I am going to demand to be put on lovenox or heparin next time either way. I don’t want to go through this again. The baby aspirin obviously helped but it wasn’t a strong enough dose of blood thinner to help any further. Please be thinking of us and praying for us Monday. Its going to be really hard. Depending on how I feel, I will try to do a post next week about how it went and our plans for the future.  ttyl

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