Rainbow week 10!

Its week ten everybody! Countdown to appointment time starts now! On mother’s day, my mom is going to take Sylas to go see my grandma in his big brother shirt to share the news. Unfortunately, as always, I will be at work. So far my morning sickness has been going away and I usually feel pretty good. I am really fatigued, not like tired, but my body is. I still get winded with light work or exercise. Still having problems with pregnancy brain too. I have been having lots (and I mean lots) of round ligament pain. Its not too painful, I just feel like I need to change positions constantly to help it. I have had a couple cravings (nothing really strange) for taco pizza and sonic cheeseburgers with extra pickles. My lower abdomen is still feeling a little tighter and its starting to pop out. My mom keeps asking me if I’m sure there’s only one. I am still really bloated but you also show sooner with the second. I think there is only one though. I guess we will know for sure on Wednesday. I tried using my fetal doppler this week and I heard a very faint heartbeat but it was so faint that the doppler didn’t pick it up for a reading. I think I will try again on Monday and see what I can get. I will do a review/how to on it in another post. Maybe tomorrow if I have time.
I am really anxious for this appointment to be here. I have been really struggling with worry about how everything is going. Its hard not being able to peek in and see how baby is. I try to make myself not think about bad things but after going through two miscarriages, its hard not to. This appointment will put me at ease though. Especially because we are so close to the second trimester and the baby is much bigger now than last time we saw him/her. I want to be able to really enjoy the pregnancy and I need to put all of these bad thoughts to rest. I am getting hungry already and I have an hour and a half before my lunch break. I think I will try to occupy my time doing some ten week research! Until next week!

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