Rainbow Week 9!

I made it another week! So far, this week has been much better. It kind of worried me a little that my symptoms were fading but they came back a little on Thursday. My stomach is starting to get firm and I can tell that my body is rearranging for baby. I still haven’t gained all of my weight back from being sick. This entire week I have been hovering between 118-118.6Lbs. I had a small craving for a sonic cheeseburger with extra pickles last night but it wasn’t like I HAD to have one. I still have lots of extra mucus which grosses me out sometimes. I can smell like a hound dog and things are really bothering me that I normally don’t smell. Certain foods even make me feel queasy to smell them. Other than that, my symptoms are about the same as they have been. Its been kinda boring this week (which is totally fine by me)!
Last night on the other hand was not so uneventful. Poor Sylas woke up at 2:40 crying. It was an “I’m in pain” cry and not just a “mommy come get me” cry. I paced the floor and made him some milk and tried rocking him but nothing worked. He has been pushing his molars out so I thought that maybe it was his teeth. I gave him half a dose of Tylenol and he fell asleep. Then my mom texted me and told me that my brother and my dad had been up all night with a stomach bug. So now I think that that is what woke Sylas up. I feel so bad that his tummy hurt. It is just so hard to know when they can’t tell you. At least he got some rest from the Tylenol but I wish that I could fix it. I am also scared that I will come down with it tomorrow because Sylas and I shared that cheeseburger last night. Great. Don’t be surprised if I am sick and don’t get around to vlogging. Hopefully it skips me. As always I will try to get a belly picture on the end of the post after work. ttyl!

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