Rainbow Week 8!

Another week has passed! With every week I get a little more excited (and relieved) that this pregnancy is going well. I was VERY sick last week. Three days in a row I had severe morning sickness. I didn’t eat for two days straight and lost five pounds from Monday to Thursday. On Wednesday I actually contemplated going to the ER for some IV fluids. I was SO thirsty but not even half a sip of water would stay down. I threw up several times just trying to get some fluids down. Thankfully Friday, when I got up for work, I felt better. Not a huge improvement, but better. I did eat some lunch and I didn’t throw up at all. I was so thankful that Javier didn’t have to go to work until three on Wednesday and Thursday so he let me stay in bed and sleep while he cleaned the house and watched Sylas. I also took a warm bath that helped my tummy a little bit. My symptoms have been pretty much the same. Something that I don’t think I have mentioned is that I have had some…scratch that… a lot of extra mucus in my nose. I wake up every morning and blow and blow. TMI but I get a lot out and I have a semi-productive cough when I get up. It is probably what has been contributing to my lovely morning sickness. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I have to work but I plan on leaving a bit early to go watch Sylas do the egg hunt. We also plan on telling our parents that day. I put together an Easter basket for Sylas with some color wonder markers and paper, a new toothbrush, a couple toys and a t-shirt that says “I’m going to be a big brother” on it. I think that I will have grandma “help” him open his gifts while I record it. I’m going to put a little card in it with a couple roses and a poem I came up with “One rose is pink. One rose is blue. Can you guess the gender of baby number two?” I thought that would be cute and simple. I need to go to Hy Vee and pick out a couple flowers to put in there tomorrow. I’m getting jittery just thinking about telling them. I am still a little nervous about letting it out just yet but my mom would be a little upset if we waited too much longer. I don’t really have a whole lot to update on besides that. Hopefully in next week’s blog I will be able to post some Easter pictures to show you all how it turned out! ttyl!

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