Rainbow Week 5

I finally made it to week five! I must say that it is a big relief. It hasn’t been too long since my last post so there isn’t a whole lot pregnancy wise to update on. So far the symptoms have been pretty mild. I still have some nausea and hunger pains. I did find that I am starting food aversions. I usually love bagels (like seriously love them) and I saw them in the fridge the other day and about gagged. I hate that I am going to have to throw them away but I just can’t stand the sight of them. I am still having the growing pains in my pelvis. I am starting to have these weird sensations in my breasts too. I know that tenderness is a symptom but what I have feels more like a tingling. I can only describe it as how it feels when you have a let down when breastfeeding, only not as strong. I have had a couple of really bad mood swings too. Like happy one minute to furious the next. I am still having sleepless nights and just last night I had a bad leg cramp in my calves (both legs). I get wore out quickly, especially when I go upstairs. I have to catch my breath for a minute. It sounds like that’s a lot of symptoms but I really feel good. They don’t bother me too much.
I am starting to let myself get excited more and am tempted to start buying some baby gear. Nothing too dramatic, just the essentials like little diapers and more hangers. I was tempted to buy a crib but I want different cribs for different genders. I wanted a white finish for a girl and an espresso stain for a boy. I don’t want to wish my time away but I really want to know the gender. Last pregnancy I tried to make it a point to buy something once a week for baby and I want to do it again this time. It doesn’t have to be expensive or anything, just some baby item. One week it could be diaper cream and the next it could be a dresser. But I can’t really do too much until we know what we are having. I think that Javier is starting to get excited too. The other day, he texted me “you two have a good day.” which kinda melted my heart. I am still planning out how to tell my parents. My mom and dad will be watching Sylas on Easter while I work so I’m thinking that I will put a “big brother” t-shirt in Sylas’ Easter basket along with a pink and blue rose with a little poem in a card. I think that that will be cute. I will be eight weeks by then. I didn’t want to share the news with extended family until the second trimester but I want to keep my parents in the loop. Hopefully they can keep the secret until then, but my family is pretty nosy.What did you do when you shared the big news? Later today I will take a belly picture and add it to this post. Since I work today I didn’t have time to get it done this morning. Hope all is going well with everyone! As always, keep sending the baby dust! ttyl


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