Falling in place

This week has been a little crazy at our house. For starters, Tuesday I wanted to take Sylas to get his hair trimmed. It was getting a little wispy and he needed it done. So I took him to the place we always go and apparently the girl that always does our hair had quit. So another girl squeezed us in. I told her that the last time I had his hair cut, she used the trimmers and evened out his hair and that I didn’t want too much off of the length.  Well, she cut it WAY too short. She basically gave him a butch cut. I was so angry that I was almost in tears. She tried to fix it by cutting the rest a little bit longer and blending it, but it still looks like he is nearly bald. It has started to grow back over the past couple days and I am trying to fight the urge to just cover it up with a hat. On the plus side, it may grow in thicker!
Also on Tuesday, I got a phone call from the hauling company asking if they could deliver the bed frame Wednesday. Needless to say, that lifted my spirits a little. Wednesday morning we got the master room ready for the bed. It took us all afternoon to get it put together. I had envisioned it coming in a few pieces, like the headboard, base, drawers and baseboard. I was very wrong. Instead the thing came in three boxes about 2 to 3 inches thick.There were three bags the size of sandwich baggies full of screws and dowels. We had to piece the whole bed together, down to the sliding brackets on the drawers. Nothing came pre-assembled. It cost a lot of extra money to have someone stay to put it together, so when I ordered it, I decided it couldn’t be that hard to do ourselves. The instructions were pretty easy to follow and that helped. I told Javier that we aren’t moving any time soon because we are NOT taking that bed apart. Our new mattress should be coming next Wednesday afternoon. I’m not exactly sure what we will do with the old bed. I may try to wait until we have a garage sale to get rid of it. I think we will store the metal base just in case we need it someday but we don’t have room for the mattress and box spring.
Thursday was a better day. I moved everything from our old room to the new master. I am so happy with the way the room looks now. The bed really ties everything together nicely. It was almost 60 degrees outside so Sylas and I played outside quite a bit. I have a feeling that he won’t be letting me stay indoors much this summer. He loves being outside.
I am getting even more anxious for my appointment Wednesday. I want to get it over with already. Hopefully she has high hopes for us and we can start treatment. I hope all is going well for you!

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