Our favorite car seat

Sorry I didn’t get this post done yesterday! I got busy. So here is my car seat review. We had the Graco travel system when he was a teeny baby but he started outgrowing the infant carrier and we decided to get a convertible car seat. I looked at TONS of car seats and reviews and finally came across one that met all of our needs, the Combi Coccoro. I love this car seat for so many reasons! First I will start with a list of the Pros:
1. Safety – It gets high crash test ratings from independent organizations, and has high impact foam and tall side walls for side impact protection.
2. Ease of use – It is very easy to install and the instructions are printed right on the car seat itself. Harness adjustments are easy to do as well. The LATCH system is also a huge improvement from the Graco latches on their base. They are so easy to latch and unlatch for quick installation and removal. The instructions are also color coded blue=rear facing red=forward.
3. Size – This is an awesome car seat for our small car. Supposedly you can fit three of these across the back seat of most small cars. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I am pretty confident that we could get three of them across the back seat of our Dodge Caliber. It also only weighs 11lbs so it is very light.
4. Adaptability – This particular car seat is also suitable for teeny babies with 3lbs being the minimum weight requirement. Here I copied and pasted size requirements from Combi’s site:

  • Rear facing weight limits: 3-33 lbs.
  • Rear facing height limits: 40 inches or less and at least one inch of shell over the top of the head
  • Forward facing age and weight limits: One year of age and 20-40 lbs.
  • Forward facing height limits: 40 inches or less, shoulders below top slots, ears below top of shell

1. Crotch strap is not adjustable.
2. The buckles for the crotch strap have to be put together like a puzzle before inserting them into the crotch  strap. It takes a little coordination but you get used to it, unless you have a little one that doesn’t want to get in the car seat at the moment. Then it gets a little tricky.
3. It isn’t stain resistant fabric like some other vinyl seats. The fabric can snag on things like my ring and if Sylas is wearing Velcro.

I really love this car seat. It fits our needs so well and I love that it doesn’t take up much room. It looks pretty comfy and the fabric feels soft. We are shorter people so I don’t imagine that Sylas will outgrow this seat before he is of age to ride in a booster but if you have super tall kids, this may be an issue. We bought one for starters just to see how we liked it and we bought a second to have in both cars.

Plus it comes in all sorts of colors! We have the green and licorice black. I have seen others that are pastel blue and pink but I don’t think they are on the market right now.


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