The results are back

It feels like it has been forever since I have blogged! Maybe its just because I have so much to update you all on! I’m just gonna get right to it! On Monday I got the results of my MTHFR blood work back and I tested positive. So I am homozygous for the C677T gene which means that I inherited the mutation from both of my parents. I found a really good website that explains it much better than I can ( After reading up on the gene mutation, I came across several articles that were very interesting. They said that taking folic acid actually does more harm than good for people with MTHFR. Folic acid is synthetic and my body doesn’t know how to break it down to its useable form. Instead I need to be consuming natural forms of folate like green veggies and not things that are fortified with it (because its fake too). I found out that they do make a supplement out of real folate. So I went shopping online and found one that was about half the price of my folbee that I had been prescribed. The one I bought is by source naturals and its called MegaFolinic. I ordered a months worth for a little over $13 with shipping and everything included. Another thing that the article mentioned was that MTHFR causes you to not be able to rid your body of toxic waste. Basically that all the bad stuff I eat/drink stays in my body and can’t come out. So I started doing one of the best known detox diets, the Paleo diet. Its supposedly not a “diet” but a lifestyle and since starting it, I can definitely see why they say that (I will do a separate post on how that is going to keep this post from being any longer than it already is). So far I feel really good though!
Now on to happenings around the house. Monday our deep freeze came and we got it set up in the garage. I can’t wait till Hy-Vee has a good sale on their meats so I can go stock my freezer! On Thursday, we cleaned the carpets downstairs to get ready for the bed to be delivered! I also got a second “big boy” car seat for Sylas so that we don’t have to keep switching from car to car all the time (which I will also do a review on). I am really anxious for my doctors appointment. I wish it was this week instead of next. I hope that all goes well and we can get a treatment plan figured out. I have contemplated taking a baby aspirin but I wanted to check with the doc before I do (many ttc/preggo’s with MTHFR are put on an aspirin regimen and lovenox). If I have an extra minute today, I will try to get a car seat review posted. ttyl!

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