Spring cleaning

Hey all! I talked to my doctor about getting the MTHFR testing done and set up an appointment on March 26 to go over all of my results and get a better look at them. The rest of the antiphospholipid panel is back and it all looks negative. She said that because the lupus eval. was elevated she wants me to get further testing done for factor deficiencies to rule that out. She said that nothing really interferes with that test unless it is a factor deficiency. So I will probably have those tests done when I have my appointment. The MTHFR test takes about five-seven days to complete so I won’t hear back on that until early next week.
I am feeling much better and the antibiotics are helping a lot. I still have a stuffy nose and I kinda sound funny. I am trying so hard to be patient but I am really ready to get this show on the road. I am occupying my time with things around the house in the meantime. Monday we are getting our deep freezer delivered! I am really excited about having some more room for our food. Our freezer is so tiny because the ice maker takes up so much room. Slowly but surely I am getting our things organized so that we can move our bedroom downstairs. We bought a bed frame (right now we just have a metal frame with a box spring) and our plan was to move downstairs so that we could put the kids upstairs. But since we aren’t expecting yet, I wasn’t sure what to do. We thought it over and decided to go ahead with the move so that we don’t have to do it later. That and I’m afraid that we won’t be able to get it downstairs after it is all put together because its pretty big and its solid wood so I’m sure it will be heavy. I have gone through my closet and pitched a bunch of clothes that don’t fit me anymore. I am hoping it will warm up soon so that I can have a garage sale and get rid of some stuff. I also want to go through Sylas’ things and put his little clothes in storage totes and see if I can’t dig out some new things that he is ready to wear or about to grow into. And an awesome co-worker gave me some of her son’s clothes today so I get to go through those and sort what is ready to wear and what is too big yet.
I just hate wishing my time away but April can’t come soon enough. I want to try for a baby so bad. It is starting to feel like everyone is pregnant but me. And I want to be happy for them but there’s a small part of me that wants to envy them. Even though I know its not their fault. I even went to get my hair done the other day and we were talking about our kids and she told me that she just found out that she’s expecting number two. Keep sending prayers and baby dust my way!

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