A review

I feel like I’ve been writing all day! Ok, this post is a review on the pregnancy tests that I use. I have the wondfo brand (cheapies from amazon) and First response early detection. I will attach pictures of the packaging at the end. The wondfo brand are the same brand as the opks I use. I have read that many people had problems with false positives and evap lines. Now I’m not doubting them, but a false positive is hard to come by. These specific tests are not very sensitive so you can’t really compare them to the early response ones. What I mean by that is these tests aren’t designed to detect small amounts of hcg in the urine like the early response ones are. I tested one day before my missed period and the test looked negative, so I tested with a first response as well and it gave me a very good positive. However, after letting the wondfo strip dry, I could see a hint of a line. I tested the next couple of days with the wondfo and they got darker. The wondfo directions say to wait at least four hours since you last peed to test. I tried an experiment and did an early morning urine and got a positive (after drying). Later in the day, I tested but I had already went about an hour and a half earlier. That test was negative, even after drying. So here come the pro’s and con’s:
Pros: cheap, easy to use, good for ppl that test frequently
Cons: not sensitive, dry time
First Response
Pros: accurate, early detection, sure fire way to tell
Cons: high cost
If you are someone that wants to test daily or every other to see hcg levels rise, the Wondfo are great. If you just want to know for sure that you are pregnant, go with the First response.
Hope that helped everyone!

Wondfo 20 pk $11.99
First response 3 pk $12.98

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