Ready for round two

Letting you guys know whats up since the last post. FYI, I did ovulate this month! YAY! Anyway, here come the details of the past week. So if you aren’t interested, then don’t read. Monday 1/28 we baby danced, just because. We weren’t “trying” per se because I still had not had a positive OPK. As I said in my last post, I figured that I would probably ovulate closer to the 29th. So we were within my “fertile window.” I have been testing twice daily with the OPKs  so on Tuesday 1/28 AM I got a negative and PM I got a positive. So we baby danced again that day too. I didn’t get ovulation cramps the 28th so I suspected that I still had not ovulated but was preparing to. And I was right! Wednesday 1/29 AM I got a positive OPK and got cramps around 4pm. So these cramps were a bit more intense than usual. I had back pain, which was odd (usually I only experience pelvic pain) and I ended up having to take some Tylenol. I tested again in the evening and got another pos result. I tested on Thursday 1/30 and got a negative in the AM. I will post pictures separately since I don’t have any right now. I have been thinking about it lately and have semi-decided that I want to start a separate blog for pregnancy. That way I can share it with my family and friends (no, they don’t know about this blog yet. I want it to be a surprise when we announce the next pregnancy). I just don’t think that they need all of these details. I am sharing this with people that are going through the same or similar situation as I am. My family and friends probably don’t want to know all of the nitty gritty anyway. I haven’t fully committed to the idea, and this blog will still exist, but it will be discontinued until we are ready to try for a third child. I will definitely share a link in my last posts to let you know where to find me!
I am trying to be optimistic about this month’s cycle. I really want to be pregnant again! This time I am waiting until I miss my period to take a test. I know I will have to force myself to wait, but I am gong to do it! I will try to post somewhere in between now and testing day, but no guarantees.

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