Try try try again

I wanted to post an update on how things have been going this past week and where we stand on the whole TTC process. So I stopped bleeding on Monday (Jan 20) so it was about 8 days of bleeding. The last couple days were just brown blood like the end of my period. Since Tuesday, I have been taking OPK’s twice daily just to see if I can pinpoint ovulation. I usually estimate ovulation by cramping around the 24-27 of the month (because I have a 30 day cycle it is pretty easy to keep track). But since this cycle, I bled a few days later than my “expected period” I am estimating that it will be around the 29th. Hopefully with the OPK’s and cramps I can get a good chance. Since I had a chemical pregnancy my doctor said that we could try right away but waiting until I had one period would be ideal to be able to date the pregnancy better. But since I am tracking ovulation I think we can accurately date that way too, especially given that I am very regular with my periods. We have had sex a couple times since I stopped bleeding but we won’t really start trying too much until closer to the 29th, unless I get a positive OPK. I am really shooting for a due date sooner than November, just because it is hard having one in the middle of the holiday season and I really don’t want two of them at that time of year. I will continue to update here. I will probably do my next one if/when I ovulate.

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