Feeling meh

So today I have been feeling really slow and faint. I’ve also had a lot of dull lower back pain. I remember having this with Sylas too. Bummer… I took another test to see if I could get a more positive result and I used my first morning pee. Well it looked less positive than the last one, so I started to freak out a little. So I did a blood test both the qualitative and the quantitative and they looked much better this afternoon! Can you spell relief?! So my beta HCG was 24, and at 3 weeks and 4 days, which is normal. I haven’t been feeling tired, just like dizzy and faint. My blood sugar was 92 so it isn’t that. Also my joints have been bothering me. Kinda like growing pains in my legs. But that could also be because it is currently 24 below zero! I am off for the next three days from work so I think the plan is just to stay inside, relax, play with Sylas, and keep warm! I think that after today, I will start posting on Wednesdays because that is my pregnancy week change. So until Wednesday then!

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